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May 30, 2011

On the bright side.

Lets face it, the world isn’t at it’s best. There is SO much negativity, education isn’t as important as it should be, and the economy sucks! It’s quite scary actually to think about. So don’t. I know your probably wondering how do you not think about it when it has such an impact on your life. Well it’s easy. Distract yourself or think positive, there are many things you can do. My thing is Praying. Thinking about the world and all the disastrous things happening scares me. It scares me A LOT. Sometimes it even makes me so depressed I can’t think. But I began to pray one day, and everything was at ease again. Don’t get my wrong i still think of the scary times on occasion, just wondering whats going to happen. But then I have to pull myself back to reality pray again and think. I think about my unborn daughter. I think that I can’t stress it’s not good for her. And i think about my family and my boyfriend. I think about how amazing they are. I think about God. And i think that through him everything will be okay. Thinking on the bright side is not something I have done in the past. I used to be the typical teenager. The one who didn’t care about who she was or anyone else for that matter. But I have changed. Just like many people should.  I can only think of how my life would be if I still thought only of the negative. I can’t think that way anymore. I have to be happy as can be with my life and my little family, for myself and my daughter. ❤

So when times are tough and you feel like you can’t make it, think positive, and think about all the good that has happened or will happen. Try to wipe the bad out of your mind.