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June 9, 2011

Kid shows not for kids?

So the other day, I was watching the “regular show? on cartoon network. Seemingly harmless right? Well the show went on and this giant bean thing came into the show, again seems harmless right? All of the sudden this bean thing squirts coffee into the characters mouths. Not so bad, EXCEPT for the fact that it squirted it out of his boobs.!!!!
Now what’s my point. Well the fact that these are shows children are supposed to be watching. They are totally inappropriate. And don’t forget that fact that they are teaching kids that caffeine solves your problems(you’d have to watch the episode).
And later in the show one of the other characters says “you need to stop pumping it in the wind and start pumping it at the gym” or something like that. And to a little kid I know they won’t think anything of it, but to me it sounds like the character was making a reference to jacking off. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want my kid watching these shows.
**clip of what i was talking about..