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July 29, 2011

Letters to Maddy: I love you(:

I love your kicks. I love your jumps. I love it when you sleep l, I love it when your awake.
When you arrive I will miss every movement I once felt inside me, but I will love every smile, every laugh, every blink of your eyes. I will love holding you in my arms. I will love the touch of your soft skin. I will love taking you on midday walks. I will love every second if your life. I will love you. I love you already(:

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July 24, 2011

Lets be honest shall we?

As you guys should know I am recently a teen mom.
Becoming a Mom was not in my life goals, but hey s**t happens right. ? I found out I was pregnant and immediately I knew I was keeping my baby. I lost may friends because they told me I was ruining my life and many people stressed to me how hard it was going to make my life. At the time losing my friends and hearing all the negative comments made me upset. But let me be honest. Being a mom isn’t easy, not as a teen nor adult! But its not
hard” either, It’s a challenge:) and its amazing. Looking back u
I don’t care about the “friends” I lost and I can’t wait to see the look on the faces of the ones who doubted me, when they see how great I am doing 🙂
In all honesty being a mom is the greatest thing ever and it has made me stronger and happier then I could ever imagine 🙂 I would never say its okay to be a teen mom nor would I recommend it to any teen. And I am definitely not trying to glamorize it. But let’s be honest shall we, its only hard if you Make it hard(:

July 23, 2011

2 week update(:

I had my daughter on July 7th. She is 2 weeks old now and things are great. She is so good. Except she has nights and days mixed up:/. She was 8.4lbs wen she was born 8.1lbs wen she left the hospital. And 8.10 at her 2 week check up(: things are great. Labor story coming soon with pics and life of teen motherhood(: ta ta for now =)

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