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July 29, 2011

Letters to Maddy: I love you(:

I love your kicks. I love your jumps. I love it when you sleep l, I love it when your awake.
When you arrive I will miss every movement I once felt inside me, but I will love every smile, every laugh, every blink of your eyes. I will love holding you in my arms. I will love the touch of your soft skin. I will love taking you on midday walks. I will love every second if your life. I will love you. I love you already(:

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July 24, 2011

Lets be honest shall we?

As you guys should know I am recently a teen mom.
Becoming a Mom was not in my life goals, but hey s**t happens right. ? I found out I was pregnant and immediately I knew I was keeping my baby. I lost may friends because they told me I was ruining my life and many people stressed to me how hard it was going to make my life. At the time losing my friends and hearing all the negative comments made me upset. But let me be honest. Being a mom isn’t easy, not as a teen nor adult! But its not
hard” either, It’s a challenge:) and its amazing. Looking back u
I don’t care about the “friends” I lost and I can’t wait to see the look on the faces of the ones who doubted me, when they see how great I am doing 🙂
In all honesty being a mom is the greatest thing ever and it has made me stronger and happier then I could ever imagine 🙂 I would never say its okay to be a teen mom nor would I recommend it to any teen. And I am definitely not trying to glamorize it. But let’s be honest shall we, its only hard if you Make it hard(:

July 23, 2011

2 week update(:

I had my daughter on July 7th. She is 2 weeks old now and things are great. She is so good. Except she has nights and days mixed up:/. She was 8.4lbs wen she was born 8.1lbs wen she left the hospital. And 8.10 at her 2 week check up(: things are great. Labor story coming soon with pics and life of teen motherhood(: ta ta for now =)

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June 26, 2011

39weeks pregnant update

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while.. internet has been down.. and I am forced to use my cell phone to post.

So I am 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant. And I am more then ready to have my Little girl. I’m sick and tired everyday. I’m tired of feeling like crap and I want to meet my little girl:) my doctor doesn’t believe in waiting 2weeks after your due date to induce so if I don’t have my baby girl by July 5th I am being induced July 6th at 5pm. I an really scared to be induced. I know its harder on your body then natural labor is. So everyday I walk, climb stairs, bounce around, etc. All in efforts to get this baby out. I feel contractions every so often and at my last appointment my doctor said I was dilated a little and she could feel the babies head.. I pray every day for a healthy and happy labor, delivery, and baby. And that it comes super soon.
Well that’s all

for now:) thanks for reading.

June 7, 2011

4 hours at the hospital..

Last night was an eventful night. I woke up nauseated and being 36 weeks pregnant I figured it was just morning sickness. But around 5 I started having stomach pains, so I called my doctor, she told me just to come in the morning, so that was the plan. But then I began to vomit. So my mom made me go to the hospital. So I get to the hospital,get  in this horrible hospital gown and get all strapped up to the monitors. Fun.. not really. Then they tell me I am having contractions. And they were strong, but I didn’t feel a thing. So the nurse checked me and I was completely closed up. No dilation or effacement. So she had me drink a large cup of water to try to stop the contractions. But as soon as i finished it,

it came right back up.. So that didn’t help. Because I was still having contractions the nurse gave me fluid and medicine to stop my nausea through an IV.. Which hurt like hell and made me shake like crazy. but after all that the contractions finally stopped thank God. And now I am pretty much on bed rest. :/

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May 30, 2011

Letters to Maddy: A negative + a negative = A positive

You made me fat. You make me tired. You sit on my nerves, leaving me doubled over in pain. You have given me horrible stretch marks that will scar my body forever. You have made it hard to walk. You have given me swollen ankles and feet. You keep me up all night(and that wont change when you arrive). You make my back hurt and my head ache. But, guess what? I LOVE YOU. Even if you do keep me running to the restroom all night. I wouldn’t change it for the world. You make me so happy:) I love you Maddison. your amazing baby girl. I love you!

May 29, 2011

“With arms wide open”

This song is currently my ringtone for my phone. I know it is about being a DAD, and I am going to be a mother, but this song is the first song that popped into my head when I found out I would be a mother. I cry sometimes when I listen to it. I am here for my daughter with arms wide open. I will hold her in my arms when she cries, and I will teach her right from wrong and pray to God that she fallows the right path. And may God give me and my Boyfriend the strength to be the best parents we possibly can be. I will never forget the day I read the pregnancy test and it had two lines. I remember just feeling empty but not in a bad way. I felt hopeful. And i knew from that point out I would be responsible for a life. And I have to take care of my body to ensure a safe arrival into this dangerous world. And when she is born i will have to watch over her and let her grow independently from a child to a women. I hope she doesn’t make the same mistakes as me. And I hope she realizes that I love her and always will.

“Well i just heard, the news today. Seems my life, is gunna change, I close my eyes, begin to pray, then tears of joy, stream down my face, With arms wide open.”

May 29, 2011

35 weeks pregnant update.

Today I am 35 weeks and 2 days pregnant. The final stretch. It has been a very long journey to get here and I can’t wait to get to the finish line. Many people ask me if I am scared. Well yes and no. I am not scared of the pain because I have god by my side and there is nothing I can do to change the fact that it WILL be painful. But I am scared of any complications that may arise during labor or after the birth of my daughter (btw i  am having a girl). But I am praying and will continue to pray. I just want people to realize that yes I am young but I know with the help of my boyfriend/baby daddy, my family, and God I will be the best mother I can be. So far I have almost everything we need for the arrival of my baby girl. We have all the big stuff such as car seat, stroller, bassinet(soon upgrade to crib), diapers and wipes. All we need is the little stuff. Like toiletries and what not, which hopefully we will receive at my upcoming baby shower june 11. So we are pretty much ready for her arrival. I just hope she is born healthy and happy. I do plan to breastfeed to maximize her health. Hopefully that will go smoothly.

Now more about how I am feeling:)

I have been feeling so impatient. I am ready to meet her and see what features she has and if she looks like me or her daddy. I feel so so huge..ALL THE TIME. I haven’t been able to see my toes in forever. And don’t get me started on stretch marks.. There taking over my stomach. I hope I can find something that will help them fade postpartum. I have also been having Braxton hicks contractions a lot. But other than that I have been feeling pretty good and ready to have my baby.

So that’s pretty much it for week 35 of my pregnancy. Thank you, enjoy(:

May 29, 2011

My life changed

I am 35 weeks pregnant. Yes I am young which is probably what many people are thinking. But I am ready to be a mother.. This pregnancy by far was NOT planned but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I already love my little girl.. Her name will be Maddison. I want to reach out to teens who have sex and encourage them to wait. Which is part of the purpose of my blog. Me and my boyfriend did use condoms and we still ended up in this sticky situation. So teens if you think your safe your really not. Abstinence is truly the only way to make sure you are safe. So yeah. Please take my advice and DO NOT have sex.

December 19, 2010

Week 11

When i found out i was pregnant i was already about 8 weeks pregnant. And then recently i went to the wic office and they said i was about 11 weeks.. so thats all the information i have about how far along i am because i have not been to a doctor due to my medicade being turned off.. and lets face it no one has enough money to pay 200 per visit.. especially not when i have a child on the way. So i am going off of the predictions of the pregnancy center and the wic office.

So now to more interesting stuff.. Such as my mood, my health, and my appetite.

Being pregnant isn’t easy from the beginning and and we all know it only gets harder. But i am ready for it. Well as ready as i can be. I believe that i am one of the lucky ones when it comes to being pregnant. I have not experianced any major morning sickness or cravings really. Great right:) I do get nauseated at times but i never really get the urge to barf. The most pains i have had while being pregnant are random sharp pains in my stomach and sides and then.. constipation. But by far the oddest symptom i have had is Nausea when i have to sneeze. Yes thats right i get nauseated when i have to sneeze .. it’s quite funny actually.

As far as cravings go, hmm i don’t really crave anything. Really i just get hungry, like I want Food, not like fake food such as a sandwich or eggs, i mean i want real food. Real food like Steak, and brisket and baked potatoes and pork chop. Of that sort.

And as for my health I can’ t really tell you much about that. Because i have not been to a doctor which angers me greatly. But i usually i do stick to healthy eating except for this past week and i have eaten lots of  junk food. But i am going to stop that immediately. Working out.. hmm one of the most important part of staying healthy, and the part i struggle with the most. I used to work out but ever since i became preggo it hasn’t happened so that needs to change definitely. I am planning on getting some pregnancy pilates DVD’s to start doing everyday which i really need to do.

thats basically it for week 11. I am hoping to get my medicade soon and get to the doctor and things will be way more interesting i think.