About Me<3

I am Samantha. I am 15 years old. Taking up the new hobby of blogging and I hope it works out. I am pregnant but please don’t let that be a problem. Please read my blogs before you judge. Thank you.. 🙂


9 Comments to “About Me<3”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 😀 I subscribed to yours too. I cant wait to hear how your pregnancy comes to an end. I hope you can reach other teens, to show them not only is it hard but to wait. You are such a strong person, which comes through your blog). I know you can make it work, just buckle down because it will be a ride. BTW – I am Jenna. 😀

  2. Aww I am new too!! I just started on May 12th 😮 I am so happy I can inspire you. You made my day! 😀 I hope a lot of ideas come your way. Thanks for the awesome, amazing, loving words. I will defiantly be around to read more about your journey!

    • Wow you must be on here like everyday then.. you have so many blogs..
      i have a question how do you get them in the format you have them .. Like side by side instead of having to scroll down to see every blog..?

  3. It is one of the themes. If you go to appearance on your dashboard you might be able to change yours too. Yeah I blog everyday, usually when I think of something or my thoughts on something.

  4. 😛 looks like you found it I love it. Looks great!! I will def. have to read more of yours tomorrow! Keep up the good work.

  5. Hey you – I think I know why the menu tabs aren’t displaying for you. In the menu menu (which is only a little confusing, lol) there is a little drop down near the top left that asks which account or blog or whatever you want them to show on. I had to change mine to specify the one for CorinaWrites – whatever it was on before just showed the little “about me” tab like yours does.

    Anyway, I was really writing to say thanks for commenting on my blog, and also tell you that I have an enormous amount of respect for you. You’re dealing with a tough situation but seem to be doing so with grace and optimism – your little girl is lucky to have parents that are so excited to meet her! It seems like you have a great support system in place but if you ever need to vent or whatever please feel free to hit me up. Even though we’re basically strangers, I would still be happy to be there for you 🙂 Best wishes, and congrats on Maddison!

    • Hey. I cant find the menu?
      And Thank you so much. Most people hate me for my situation and talk down on me. It’s nice to know there are people who actually understand. I LOVE my daughter so much already. She is due July 1st, but we think she may come early.
      Thank you so much:)

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