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December 19, 2010

Week 11

When i found out i was pregnant i was already about 8 weeks pregnant. And then recently i went to the wic office and they said i was about 11 weeks.. so thats all the information i have about how far along i am because i have not been to a doctor due to my medicade being turned off.. and lets face it no one has enough money to pay 200 per visit.. especially not when i have a child on the way. So i am going off of the predictions of the pregnancy center and the wic office.

So now to more interesting stuff.. Such as my mood, my health, and my appetite.

Being pregnant isn’t easy from the beginning and and we all know it only gets harder. But i am ready for it. Well as ready as i can be. I believe that i am one of the lucky ones when it comes to being pregnant. I have not experianced any major morning sickness or cravings really. Great right:) I do get nauseated at times but i never really get the urge to barf. The most pains i have had while being pregnant are random sharp pains in my stomach and sides and then.. constipation. But by far the oddest symptom i have had is Nausea when i have to sneeze. Yes thats right i get nauseated when i have to sneeze .. it’s quite funny actually.

As far as cravings go, hmm i don’t really crave anything. Really i just get hungry, like I want Food, not like fake food such as a sandwich or eggs, i mean i want real food. Real food like Steak, and brisket and baked potatoes and pork chop. Of that sort.

And as for my health I can’ t really tell you much about that. Because i have not been to a doctor which angers me greatly. But i usually i do stick to healthy eating except for this past week and i have eaten lots of  junk food. But i am going to stop that immediately. Working out.. hmm one of the most important part of staying healthy, and the part i struggle with the most. I used to work out but ever since i became preggo it hasn’t happened so that needs to change definitely. I am planning on getting some pregnancy pilates DVD’s to start doing everyday which i really need to do.

thats basically it for week 11. I am hoping to get my medicade soon and get to the doctor and things will be way more interesting i think.


December 19, 2010

How I found out.

How I found out I was pregnant was pretty typical.

On Sept. 24 i started my period a day late. So i didn’t think much of it I was just relieved not to be pregnant.But this period was not like normal, it was slight, and only lasted 3 days. But at the time i just let it pass my mind.

A couple weeks later on Oct 10 i decided to take another test. I do not really know what made me decide to take the test, because i wasn’t experiencing any symptoms really, except for frequent urination. Any how,  I took the test and it came back negative. I was shocked but happy.

So by october 24 i still hadn’t started my period. Which again was a day late so i decided to take another test. And this time it was postive. I remember the first think I did was text my boyfriend “It had two lines” and then got into the shower. When i got out of the shower i  read the text from my bf that said “does that mean positive.” then i called him to explain everything out to him.

So later that night i called up my friend Kassie who is also pregnant. I told her whats going on and asked her to take me to the store to by another test just in case. So we get to the store and we buy multiple test. We bought a Clear blue easy digital which came with three test a equate brand which came with one test and then first response which came with 3 tests also. We went to the McDonalds and drank lots of sprite, then i took 2 first response test 2 clear blue test and the equate tests all of them came back postive.

The next morning I took the last clearblue test but, it didn’t show any response so i took the last first response and it was positive. I was still in such denial i was so afraid.

So after 6 positive test i decided to call the local pregnancy center which is a free clinic to get a doctors test. And it to was positive. After that i knew i had to tell my parents but .. i did not know how to, but i did.

December 19, 2010

More about me and my pregnancy

I am a pregnant teenager. I know it is a touchy subject, but I also know its because this is an unknown subject. Many people think that teenagers get pregnant because they are permiscuious or that they are always out having sex, or maybe because they are not taken care of properly. And yes this is true in some cases, but not all cases. And though I wish I would have waited to have sex, i didn’t and now i am in this beautiful situation and I wouldn’t change if for the world. I believe god puts obsticles in our way for a reason so we can grow as humans. I assure all my readers that I am NOT permiscuous and i am not the average teen. I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs. I do not go out and party. Yes i do have fun and hang out with my friends but also be mindful that i am a straight A student and i do have plans for my future and i am not going to let pregnancy or parenting ruin those plans even though it will be harder. Why am I telling you all of this information, well simply because this can happen to anyone even intelligent young citezens like myself and some other people i have met in my life. NO i did not have the best childhood and no i am not a perfect teen either. I have a amazing boyfriend who has been by my side since day one and i believe even if we ever do break up, he will still be there to help me. Now that you have more information on me i hope that you read my blogs to come and take in consideration to my situation. 🙂